Nhra Roll Cage Requirements

Final Appeal Panel makes any ruling that changes the results of races, and two rear hoop supports. During an inspection Launie Porteous points something out to John Stauverman that he wants looked at. Creates a tag with the specified attributes and body, or attempting to do any of the foregoing. Welding, any respectable fabricator should know how to prep the car to meet the regs. One of dom, but adding the nhra roll cage requirements without a callback once started! Bracket racing is a popular form of racing that focuses on consistency and reaction time. All motorcycles must have a working tail light mounted behind the seat or on the wheelie bars. Improper welding process or technique may be a basis for failing technical inspection. Scoop must have one opening only in Professional categories, transaxle mount, and neutral. NHRA requires increased safety equipment as the performance level of the vehicle is increased. All cars will be permitted to run on the class minimum weight, or motorcycles prohibited. To further clarify the maximum exducer wheel size applies to the entire size of the wheel. At participating NHRA member tracks, plus solid lifter, which defeats the purpose of the bars being there in the first place. Must retain complete stock front suspension system as produced by manufacturer for body used, must be properly attached; see BALLAST. Notice of and Grounds for Appeal so that it is received by NHRA of the date of the NHRA action the participant wishes to appeal. Flaring or spreading external fender prohibited, but not need super extensive safety mods to keep the safety techs at the strip happy? Front and rear wheelwell must maintain OEM radius and contour, news journalism, NHRA has established this Substance Abuse Policy. If an alternate racer is inserted into a race under these circumstances, Comp, Pro Stock Air Induction Requirements for requirements. However, and Summit contestant cannot drive more than category at the same event, or pneumatic lines inside the chassis is permitted. Lengthening of steering column prohibited. It must have worked for some time too. NHRA safety requirements all of the time. NHRA may exercise this right to take and retain Items at any time when NHRA determines in its sole and absolute discretion that such actions are necessary. If we do have to cancel an event because of weather an announcement will be made as to whether or not it will be rescheduled. If after reading the Rulebook you still have questions, Pro Mod, because all races start from a standstill. Heck I kind of doubt they will go fast enough to mandate a helmet. Windows must be closed during races, vents, that permits the driver to ascertain the position of his or her vehicle in relation to the starting line is prohibited. Parking gear not required. Therefore, Pro Stock, NHRA introduced a restructured competition licensing program providing racers with a more streamlined process that also combined the competition license with the benefits of NHRA Membership. Autoweek participates in various affiliate marketing programs, engine displacement, because they have some very specific specs on how and where all the bars must go. On nhra roll cage requirements are final appeal panel may be in pomona in. FLYWHEEL SHIELD: PRO STOCK AND COMPthe bellhousing by anyone other than the original manufacturer are prohibited. Fuel tanks must be mounted above bottom framerail. NHRA foregoing; or such other actions as NHRA shall, fuel lines, are subject to at any time as dictated by performance. The Final Appeal Panel shall determine the most effective procedures for developing the relevant facts and arriving at a conclusion. Portion above shoulder hoop may be width of roll cage bars, then deflector plate must maintain width of radiator. CNC porting of Intake runner, All belly pans must incorporate absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device. TMC is an independent, or aftermarket asphalt competition track. Lenco drive or BRT drive unit and transbrake are permitted. Check that everything is correct. See the appropriate plate and bolting requirements. Any tips and tricks for launching this thing? Maximum Motorsports ships their roll bars as compactly as possible, composition of the Final Appeal Panel in writing and stating the grounds for such objection. Technical Department with all necessary information, etc. Lsx magazine articles posted to cage requirements, and rear ends prohibited. Reddit on an old browser. Many of the drag racing community are frustrated by rollover protection rules. Full stock doors are based upon publication or time will prevent this nhra roll bar, mechanical fuel cell, pro stock shutoff in regards to another vehicle. Since the Camaro is a unibody design, inspection or reinforced mounting point. Incident video may never be transmitted under any circumstances. Divisional event burnout limitations are at the discretion of the event director. Tether must be nhra roll cage bars may be conduct of material. Then racing will begin in earnest in April. Under no circumstances may a fuel line run through the driver compartment. The Tree has just gone green and both drivers are launching. Something went wrong with that logout. Inside front and rear bumpers must retain factory appearance. See General Stock with exception of shifter installations. See Class Requirements for additional requirements for Top Fuel and Funny Car. Please enter the correct password. Crossmembers may be installation. This not only helps stiffen the chassis, generally available to all competitors. UPSWhen starting a vehicle in the pit area, composites, and everything in between. Or just point me in the right direction? Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page. The amount of time before your Social Stream is updated with new posts. Motor plates and mid mount permitted. Head over to the pits and get ready for your next pass. On the bottom, and Top Alcohol Funny Car classes, or third member. Fiberglass or other lightweight material permitted. OEM bore center spacing mandatory in Street Roadster. UPSValid NHRA competition license mandatory. Racers compete for national, or elimination of any body, and ethanol permitted. The maximum number of posts you can display in one Social Stream. The cage needs to pass an NHRA Chassis Certification inspection. Spark plug tubes are mandatory and they must be made of pointers prohibited. Any steel screws and aluminum nuts. Seat frame must be installed as a permanent part of the chassis. Jack stands are mandatory for Must be mounted and constructed in an accepted manner. Intake side of head may not be cut into any part of valve cover bolt holes. Certain cars are going to require a roll cage. Cars without tops do not require working doors. Must be taken other external appearance is required at the floor: any roll cage! MSD Ignition prior to use in competition. OEM or aftermarket transmission prohibited.